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With this chemo regime I take steriod pills and anti nausea pills for three days – the day before chemo, chemo day, and the following day. This means that for days 1 and 2 I’m pretty hyper. My neighbours and friends notices that I talk faster and move faster – but by mid afternoon of day 2, I was slowing down. but got another boost after a nap and meal and my last dose of evening steriods.

One thing that I’m noticing is a lack of appetite, but still a need to eat. The lower appetite causes me to get a little handry and lethargic before I realize what the problem is. I have a vague recollection of this and almost running into trouble driving home from support group one day during my first chemo experience in 2014. I need to remember to always have snacks with me and to eat them right away when I start to feel something, rather than just waiting a few more minutes – as I forgot and minutes turn to hours. One I get food I am starving.

I didn’t sleep well thei night after chemo – I left for a few hours and then was wide awake from 3-6am – I used that time to get a bunch of computer work done which was nice. I went back to sleep at 6 and slept until 9:30am. I have learned to not to fight the insomnia but rather to use it to my advantage. Last night I slept from midnight until 6am, so that is better. Although I was up frequently in the night to pee – so that kept waking Cali up. She is going to be a tired puppy all day today as she is still recovering from the overstimulation of two days of daycare.

Today I’m hoping to use some of my more energy to do some purging and organizing over at the house. I’m going spend a few hours at our house (rather than our new place at Treehouse) going through clothing and such that hasn’t made its way here. I’m going to try to be a bit ruthless in what I bring over – as I just don’t need most of the stuff and it can be burdensome. Of course, then there is the kitchen stuff that I really do want! My kitchen here is starting to look pretty well stocked (almost too stocked).

I’m wondering about my change in taste as my dinner last night didn’t taste like I expected it to. It is heard to say whether it was not as good, or just my taste buds acting up. I did notice the sparkingly apple/pear juice that I usually really enjoy didn’t taste as good.

Interesting that when I started writing this blog post I didn’t think I had a lot to say. The process of writing it and really thinking about it has helped me put a few connections together. Knock-on-wood, so fare this is easier than last time.

One other difference is the Nuelata type drug – after AC I was getting it within 24 hours. With TC is it not before 48 hours. Hopefully that extra 24 hours will help with white blood cell low from the chemo better correspond with the booster causing less bone pain. That is a theory anyways. I’m really hoping for that because I cannot swim again until Wednesday once my port has fully healed.

I’ve found a reiki healer in town and will try her out on Monday. I hope it works out, as I recall from my last chemo that reiki was the thing I felt I needed the most. I don’t have the strong draw towards it yet, but I might by Monday.

I also now have a weekly appointment for lymph drainage massage for my right arm (mostly forearm and hand). I ordered custom garments but they haven’t come in yet. There are two people in town that do it, one massage, and one physio, which is awesome. I’ve used up all my physio for the year on my insurance so I’m out of pocket for that (totally worth it), so it is good to have the massage option available.

I got my chemo schedule – Nov 15, Dec 6, and Dec 27 – so that will take me right up to the end of the year. I continue with herceptin every 3 weeks for year, but that treatment (an immnotherapy rather than a chemotherapy) is much friendlier on my body.

With the three week regime it isn’t as clear to me when I will start losing my hair – but sometime around 10-15 days post chemo. I ask one of my neighbours who always have fun hair to do something to might either today or on the weekend. Her mom has some left over coloured henna so we might shave some of the bottom and do some fun henna colour patterns. I think that will be amusing if nothing else. Why not?

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