Changing cues

I’ve always been highly aware of my body. I know when it needs iron, I know when it needs food, I know when it needs electrolytes. At least I used to.

Now, I’m finding that not all my normal cues are there – so I don’t know what my body needs. I find myself tired in the morning only to realize that I haven’t eaten anything. I usually wait to eat until I feel hungry, but I’m not getting that hunger cue anymore. It is not that I’m nauseated (although that is an issue early in the chemo cycle), it is more just a loss of general appetite. My body is not signaling that I should eat. Once I start eating, I enjoy food and get more energy – I just need to remember to eat!

So today has been a slow day. I went off to the grocery store having not eaten anything, and had little energy. When I got home, I made a point to eat, which made me feel a fair bit better. Unfortunately, I think the groceries were a little too heavy, and I lifted more than I should – such that my incision from the biopsy started bleeding a little. Rather than go out and get gas for the car, or run other errands, I opted for a nap on an ice pack – which kept getting interrupted by knocks on the door and text messages … so I shall try again … nap on an ice pack. I’m also cooking a few things up for dinner tonight and to have as food for tomorrow (chemo day).

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