Variable days

I’m finding that my days are rather variable. If you ask me mid-day if it is a good day, I will likely have a different option than in the morning or in the evening.

Sunday is a good example. I woke up early, unable to sleep. I wrote a blog post, but then I found myself feeling tired and generally not feeling great. So I decided a needed to climb back into bed. I decided to cancel sailing because I just could not image driving to San Fran, sailing for 2.5 hours, and driving back. It was more than I could mentally handle.

After another 2 hours sleep, I awoke with a crazy headache, took Tylenol and had a cup of coffee. That inspired another ’bout of writing. I wrote several blog posts on Sunday! Feeling energetic, I went for a bike ride – 31 km on my road bike – to be fair, my road bike is my easiest bike to ride, so 31 km on my ‘bent is not the same as 31 km on my road bike – but still, it was a solid 90 minutes of riding. It felt great to be back at my pre-chemo strength. That evening we even walked over to the bank (6.5 km) – more than I thought I’d be able to do when we set out (I figured I’d turn around part way).

So, looking at the morning would not have provided insight into just how my day would go. I’m finding this to be a bit of a trend. I can never tell how well the day will go.

This morning started with an MRI guided biopsy of the small mass in my left breast. This was not 100% necessary, but recommended in order to allow maximum flexibility when it comes to surgery. I also just want to know. I feel like three is my number – it is the number I use to meditate, the number of strokes I count when I swim, the number of bikes I have – it resonates with me.  I have three masses in my breasts, two have proven to be cancer. I want to know if the third is also cancer, and if the third is the same kind of cancer. If it is, it just means that something when crazy in my body and spontaneously cancer grew – it is not a sign of spread – as with this type of cancer, it is each one growing at the about the same time.

After my last MRI experience (weird machine), I knew a lot more about what to expect. I asked for things to help make myself more comfortable during the procedure. I took a Lorazepam just before the procedure, so I was mostly dopy and sleepy throughout – much better than being stressed and claustrophobic – although this MRI machine was different – it was much bigger and had open sides. They get you positioned, put you in for a scan, roll you out, put in the needle based on the images, roll you back in and scan to make sure the needle is in the right place, roll you out to do the biopsy, move the need for the marker, roll you in to check that things are in the right place, put in the marker (a little piece of metal in the shape of a M), then roll you in again for one last image of the marker placement. Then after they bandage you up, they ship you over to mammography for a gentle mammogram of the marker – as a baseline reference.

I requested all the images back when I requested the original MRI images, so I should receive them in the mail sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I found myself so tired on the drive home (after we stopped for lunch) that I actually slept in the car. When I got home, I slithered into bed and promptly slept for 3.5 hours. I guess I needed that.

This evening I’m feeling good. No real pain from the biopsy. Even managed to get some work done. Tomorrow is chemo prep day – so need to get to bed soon so that I am well rested for the various errands that need to be run prior to chemo and the following less productive days. Unfortunately, the biopsy means no strenuous activity for 3 days and no swimming for a week. We shall re-visit that with the oncologist on Wednesday, as I will really really really want to be in the pool on Friday if I have the same reaction to neulasta. I got the OK on sauna use from the MRI doctor (radiologist) who also said if things are healing well I may be OK for the pool on Friday (one week is the party line but not everyone needs the full week). So cycle two won’t align with my ideal exercise plans, but we shall go with what the body wants/needs at any given time. It is what it is.

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  • Inspiring to be so present in the “now” of our daily experiences 🙂

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