Echos of experiences past

This week, one of our challenges has been getting a medication for low phosphate. Mom’s blood tests from Monday came back with low phosphate levels. Then we went through the following steps: The doctor sent in a prescription to the pharmacy (which is done by fax). The pharmacist said that the prescription was no longer… Read More »

The psychology of names

It is interesting how the way we call things has a direct effect on our emotions. Yesterday it was the term ‘hospital bed’. Mom is having trouble getting into and out of bed. Mostly it is painful for her. The occupational therapist recommended a hospital bed because it would provide side rails that would make… Read More »

Friday was biopsy day

It was odd being the one in the chair meant for family members – rather than being the one in the hospital bed. Looking at my mother, I could vividly recall the feeling of warm blankets being stacked on my cold body as I awoke after my various procedures. The smells in the hospital also… Read More »

Love it, hate it, love it

Love it, hate it, love it. That is an expression that a friend told me about being the family expert on cancer. Because I’ve been through it, I’m the one that understanding what is happening. I’m the one that knows what questions to ask, and which doctor to ask. I’m also the one that can… Read More »

Pain management

Yesterday we had the first home visit from the nurse. When I set it up, I was led to believe that the nurse could immediate help with pain management. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The first visit was mostly paperwork. The nurse did put in a referral to the pain doctor – who is expected… Read More »