An embargo on doctors appointments

It occurred to me yesterday, that I was able to take a two week vacation from any sort of doctors appointment by physically going on vacation. Then I thought, why not create windows of doctor appointment embargo even when I’m staying at home?

I figure I might as well try it. It might help with treatment fatigue. And so, with that, every 2-3 months I’ll declare a two week vacation from all doctors appointments / scans / etc. In that window, I shall not allow myself to book any health related appointments, and just enjoy two weeks of being a normal healthy person.

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  • Becky

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  • I love that idea! I try to plan vacations which mean no appointments but having a few weeks off regularly would be awesome. I average a doctor appointment each week. I will work this into my life too and figure out how I can get doctor vacations regularly. Great idea!

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