In my post from Tuesday, I mentioned that the radiation oncologist had ordered a head CT. This is to check to ensure there is no cancer in my brain – which is one of the places breast cancer likes to metastasize to. I’m amused that I can write that so nonchalantly without any emotion.

I don’t yet have an appointment. The CT will be in Bridgewater, but I don’t think it was marked urgent as it wouldn’t change my current treatment.

I am not anxious about it yet – in part because it hasn’t even been scheduled. My scanxiety (anxiety around scans) usually starts shortly before the scan itself – usually on the day of the exam or as I’m walking into the hospital to register. The height of the anxiety is in that time between the test itself and getting the results.

I find that doctors here are slow to pass along results, especially some of the specialists. I don’t know for sure if the radiation oncologist would be slow or not, but my family doctor gets copied on the results, and I now have a deal with him that I get a call once new results come in.

For now, no scanxiety yet. Mostly I’m focused on recovering from this last round of chemo and starting to think about three weeks of radiation in Halifax.

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