Forgiving my body again

Back in February 2016, I wrote a blog post about forgiving my body. I just re-read it and it still resonates with me.

At a recent writing workshop, I reflected again on forgiving my body. Here is what I wrote:

I had forgiven my body for the cancer that grew it – for it trying to kill me. But now I don’t know what to think. Do I need to learn to forgive my body again for growing a new round of breast cancer?

Forgiveness is a form of healing, of letting go of the pain. I think I can do that. I can forgive my body for growing a mutated version cancer that I had over eight years ago. I can thank my body for remaining nimble and not limiting my range of motion, even after radiation, for ensuring that even when I was low on energy, I had enough to go for a short walk with my puppy dog. I can forgive it this time!

But if it happens again, will I still be able to forgive my body? Will my body deserve being forgiven if it keeps bringing cancer back?

  • Becky

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