Making head coverings

When Covid hit, I learned to sew face masks. I used a variety of patterns and watched many videos on YouTube. I decided that since I can now sew, I would try making myself some chemo head coverings.

On the hair note, my hair is thinning but still very present. I don’t feel like it needs a covering just yet, but I want to be prepared when I do lose my hair. I’m also in the “nesting” phase of chemo. I’m feeling much better right now, so I’m doing things to help be better prepared for the time when I will feel like crap (about a week from now).

Here are some that I’ve tried. The first four are from free patterns. The first photo is just a fleece beanie hat – not specifically a chemo head covering, but a nice light fleece hat which is comfortable and might be something I wear for walks especially at the beach as it does a good job of keeping my head warm! The last two are from a pattern that I purchased. What you cannot see is the back – which I quite like and is why I purchased the pattern. That and I want to support the people who have the skills to create these patterns and tutorials. That being said, I’m not yet sold on any of them. I don’t think I’ve found ‘the one’ that will be my go to.

One of the frustrations I’m finding is that people post free patterns with tutorials, but all the pictures are taken with someone who has hair (often long hair), which really doesn’t give you a sense of what the had will look like without hair. If you like doing internet searches, please help me find some additional patterns and leave links in the comments. I would like to try a few more. thanks.

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