Days 13, 14, 15

Mostly I’ve had good energy and been doing a lot of stuff but also taking two hour naps.

Monday I got up at 6:15 for a swim. I had a great swim – 750m – then came home and slept for 2 hours. I was also able to do 20 minutes of boxing and some work spackling and caulking. It was a really productive day.

Tuesday I had an 8am meeting. I managed a lot of work, but was beat by 4pm and napped for 2 hours.

Today, I slept a little later before swimming, ran an errand that involved 40 minutes of driving, then came home and napped for 45 minutes.

I am now at the point where my blood levels should be rebounding. I have energy but I tire easily. I also have some tenderness on my tongue which means I’m not apt to eat acidic food, but it isn’t really bothersome. Oh and I still have some hair!

In some ways, I’m feeling like a chemo faker – I feel like this is easier than it should be. It is certainly easier than I remember it being. The hair thing is what is throwing me off the most. My head is shaved to a stubble. The hair is thin, but it is definitely still there. I keep wondering when it will fall out. Likely not until after the next treatment. It is weird because both taxotere and cytoxan have hair loss as side effects.

I’ve gotten pretty good at making beanies out of fleece. They seem to be my go to head covering. If I think I’ll be going indoors, I wear a thinner one. One challenge winter has, is that you need a warm hat for outside, but when you get inside it can be too warm.

I don’t have a sense of what is to come after chemo – or at least when it will come. Radiation will likely happen, but I’m not sure how long after chemo – especially if I’m doing this well with the chemo.

It does make me want to book a ski trip for late January, early February. I have a phone appointment with my oncologist January 16. I saw chemo on my schedule for the 17th and thought I should remove it because my last chemo is December 27 – totally forgetting that I will have herceptin every 3 weeks for a year. That is still hard to get my head around.

It does mean that I should be able to plan a ski vacation in the week or two after that. I will need to call my oncologist and ask.

And now, I’m doing to get out of my comfy bed/bean bag and do some trim painting 🙂

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