Day 16

Just when I thought I was in the clear, I got hit by a wall.

I didn’t start the day tired – or at least I don’t remember starting the day tired.

I put together a new ikea shelving unit and it exhausted me. I found that I had to stop and rest. I was sweating like crazy.

I walked around the construction site doing an inventory on some tub surround work I’m doing, and did some light sanding. This took everything out of me. I came home and showered, all covered in dust and promptly laid down. I spent the majority of the afternoon asleep or in that state of awareness but not awakeness.

I eventually dragged myself up to make some food.

It is clear to me now that my schedule that shows my low white cell counts doesn’t account for my low red cells. This wasn’t the kind of fatigue that is resolved by taking a walk – rather it was pure exhaustion, where the effort of doing a little bit of physical work knocked me out. I gave myself permission to spend the rest of the day/evening in my chair watching TV.

I suspect that tomorrow will be somewhat similar. I’ll try and get out for a walk or something to see how I feel. Given how much I slept this afternoon, I’m hoping that I still sleep well tonight. Sprinkler guy is coming as early as 7am tomorrow morning to fix the piping in my hubbies office (so I might actually get my office back – after I finish painting it!).

Now it is time for me to chill.

  • Becky

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