Day 3 and 4

Thankfully, I’ve been sleeping well, which definitely helps how I feel. Day three was a busy day, as I wanted to to a Halifax run to return a few things and pick up a few things. It actually turned into a Dartmouth run once I realized that we could do Ikea, Home Depot, and Costco all in Dartmouth. We also got to use our new Macpass for the car (the toll card for the bridges in Halifax). I can report that it worked very well.

I knew I was pushing it, going to Halifax but it worked out OK. I don’t think I should plan such a big trip on the Friday post chemo next session. I am reminded of spoon theory – and its importance when I’m managing myself during this part of my chemo cycle. I have a limited number of spoons so I need to make sure I’m choosing wisely how to use them.

One thing that made the trip to Halifax possible, was that a neighbour came with me. It meant that if at any point I couldn’t drive, that I had a backup driver – which worked out brilliantly – it also meant we had a nice chance to visit on the trip. Another thing was that I delayed my Lapelgra shot until near supper time. That helped ensure that I didn’t knock myself out too early on day 3.

By the end of the day I was exhausted and didn’t do a particularly good job of feeding myself – well, that isn’t quite correct. I fed myself but the kitchen was left in a disaster state. One of the challenges of day 3/4/5 is that it is a weekend time and hubby is really busy, so he doesn’t get to the kitchen, and I’m often not feeling well enough to clean the kitchen, so it becomes a disaster – until I can find enough spoons in me to clean it.

Day 4 brings on the beginnings of some muscle pain and general feeling of crappiness. A little bit of it is queasiness so I don’t know what food to eat. We did get up for a short walk (two laps of Treehouse lane) before the rain storm. It was nice to do a short family walk – and then Scott threw the ball for Cali while I sat at watched while sitting in one of my comfy rocking lawn chairs. I really like the protection from the elements that the alcoves provide. I continue to be happy that we are now living up at Treehouse.

My nose has gone from dripping to being too dry. You don’t realize just how much nose hair helps to regulate your nostril health. The good news is that I can likely attribute the horrible sinus issues of last cycle with either the loading does of herceptin (which I won’t need to do again) or a cold. Either way, it means I’m not nearly are miserable (at least not yet) as I was last cycle at this time.

I also woke up with some soreness on the back of my scalp. That is the sign that my hair is really about to fall out. I’m surprised at how long it has lasted. I definitely see a receding hairline, and suspect that by tomorrow there will be patches of empty spots on the back of my head.

I’m managing my muscle pains with ibuprofen so far. It is working out well. I should also note that with day 2 dinner, I had a 2.5 THC/CBD beverage that helped with queasiness and the start of a headache. I find that if I’m starting to get a headache, drinking, but also sometimes the 2 THC/CBD gummy does help. The combo doesn’t give me a “high” at all, however, it does seem to do a good job of helping to manage pain.

I’m using the Dosecast app again to help track when I’m taking various meds – so that I have a better sense of what I’m taking but also so that I don’t take too much. If I’m feeling really bad, I forget when I last took something. Fortunately, that has not happened yet.

Unfortunately, it is still early in the day of day 4. In addition to some muscle soreness I’m also starting to get some bone pain in my spine. We will see how the rest of the day goes. Now that I’ve had something to eat and some coffee, I’m going to curl back up in bed and relax for a bit.

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  • Thank you for keeping us updated. Thank you introducing the spoon theory I had never heard of it before but it is so perfect to explain. Love always Dawn

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