Day 1 & 2 Side effects

I wanted to capture with a little more detail the side effects that I’m feeling, so that next cycle I will have something better to compare with. I remember having a really hard time for a few days, but not really sure when that was – and I might have had a cold on top of the chemo so the side effects, in theory, should be less severe this cycle – and I’m hoping to be managing them better (mental note, drink more water – I just poured myself a glass to drink while writing this).

Day one side effect was mostly extra energy. I started chemo at 9 am and ended at 1 pm. Again lunch was great. I was well fed and well taken care of during the process. I did find that I was getting up to pee a lot (4 times) – I think they had a higher saline drip than the last time. I also went swimming before chemo, which was really nice. With the pre-chemo steroids in me, I found that I was swimming a lot faster than I normally do. I had to remind myself to slow down a little. When I got out of the pool I was starving – even though I had eaten before the swim. That meant we had a nice stop at Fancy Pants cafe for a breakfast sandwich on the way home, arriving with just enough time to eat, do final preparations, and drop Cali off at daycare. Next cycle I will start at 9:30, so we will have a little more time in the morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in another swim.

Mostly for day 1, I was an energy powerhouse. After chemo I did a bunch of outside work, as it was a beautiful day. I swept out alcoves and organized the returnable recycling for the community. It felt good. I made supper. I decided to take my zofran when I started to feel a little queasy and also took my steroid at 6pm rather than waiting until 9pm. I think that strategy worked well, as I slept pretty well.

I was cold during chemo and most of the day yesterday (day 1), until I had some tea with honey. It seems that sugar will bring on a hot flash, which is handy when I am freezing.

Today – day 2 – is a little weirder. One of the challenges is that I don’t have the signal of appetite until after I start eating, then I realize I’m starving. I also get a sense of a full head (like when your ears need to pop). This is usually relieved by eating something – especially it is something with sugar.

I did have the starts of a headache this morning, so I checked my temperature and took tylenol. I’m going to try to be more proactive around managing the headaches so as to avoid the need for codeine. So far it is working.

I haven’t needed any extra nausea meds yet, but I would not be surprised if I did. I have one more zofran that I can take, and then I have another med to use if needed. I found I didn’t need it much last cycle – that is one huge change from when I had AC chemo and had nausea pretty much the whole time.

Tomorrow – day 3, I will need to take my white blood cell booster shot. That one comes with some negative side effects, however, I am now on the double dose of Reactin which hopefully will reduce those side effects. I am also giving myself the shot so I can wait until later in the day. I will likely take it at 6pm or after supper, so that that I can sleep off at least some of the side effects. That is the theory anyways.

OK time to sign off and get outside for a bit while the weather is really nice. It is warm for a fall day, and we have storm coming Saturday (which will be a good day for me to be sleeping it all off).

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