A little bit of hair fun

When I told my friend that I’d be losing my hair again, she said I should do something fun with it before it fell out. I thought that was a great idea, so I asked a neighbour who always has fun hair. She asked another neighbour to help – and the two of them transformed me. Below is the closest to a before photo – although a lot of my hair is pulled back. I clearly needed a haircut!

I didn’t get any pictures of the cut before the colouring. Once the cutting was done foils were used to separate the pink and the blue dyes. Below you can see the foils with my helping neighbours. We had a wonderful time just chatting about random things while this process was underway.

And then both my stylists had to leave for other meetings before the conclusion of the story. I had to wait 30 minutes for the colour to set – so I went back home, set a time, and did something or another until I could remove the foils and take a shower.

The result was amazing. I’m so happy with both the cut and the colour. I know who I will be asking to do my hair when it starts to grow back in the odd way that it does.

I’ve loved having this new do, but it has come time for me to shower. I have noticed that my hair is getting thinner. I’m afraid that when I wash it, I’ll lose a bunch more. I’m hoping I can enjoy this cut for a couple more days before I need to shave it.

I’m feeling a little time pressure to get to sewing and making myself a couple of head coverings that I’ll enjoy wearing. Once I have enough for me, I’ll make some more to donate. The funny thing is, that for the most part I won’t wear fancy head coverings. Last time I found that a simple buff was enough. It is a bit different this time, as I’ll be bald through the winter. Wear a hat to keep warm isn’t a problem, the problem is what to do when you want to take the warm hat off – when it is too warm. For example, I’d often wear my warm hat to the grocery store, but once I got inside, I’d take my hat off while shopping. I’m not sure how the logistics of that would even work – a hat and a head covering… that will be something interesting.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been feeling a lot better. I was having sinus issues and headaches. I talked to the GPO last week, and he prescribed a nails spray and an antibiotic for concern of a sinus infection. It certainly felt bad enough that an infection wasn’t out of the question. I’m feeling a LOT better now. I didn’t have any headaches today and my sinuses aren’t sore – although my nose is still drippy/stuffy and I have a cough that is no longer a dry cough – but not horrible either.

My energy is waxing and waning. It seems that the more I move and do, the less tired I am. If I sit for too long (I had a 2 hr meeting this morning), I fall asleep. I get so tired. But if I get up to do something (and there are endless things to do when you move into a semi-finished condo), then I am like the energizer bunny going from one thing to the next. My attention span leaves a little to be desired – which is why it has taken so many days to get to this blog post.

I’m also starting to feel a tender mouth. I so hate mouth sores! They haven’t really hit, but I did notice that I couldn’t eat the lovely strawberry/apple/rhubarb crumble that I just made because it is too acidic. And things don’t all taste the same. I always wonder when I have something that isn’t as good as I expected, is it that my sense of taste is off.

On that note, my dinner is ready so I’m going to sign off for today. So far, so good.

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