Last week I got to be Wonder Woman

On the drive up to the 7W Ranch near Dotsero Colorado, we were all asked to come up with a ‘camp name’. I had a hard time as I really wanted to use a name that represented who I wanted to be for the week. So, not just a nickname, but also a name that would help me frame my mindset for the week. I needed to decide who I wanted to be for the week.

It was as we were having dinner the first night that it occurred to me. I wanted to be a superhero. I wanted to be someone who represented strength, but also I wanted a name that itself would be a source of inner strength that I could draw upon for each of the adventure experiences. With that in mind, I decided that I wanted to be Wonder Woman!

The funny thing about using camp names is that people don’t get to know your real name. Everyone at camp called me Wonder Woman. I actually found it easier to remember camp names than to remember real names. It didn’t take me long to remember the names of all the campers. We had Wild Flower, Rey Rey, Fancy Pants, Jelly Bean, The Spaniard, Nutz, Kitty Sox, and myself – Wonder Woman. What an awesome group.

Throughout the week we participated in a series of adventures. The first couple of days were not really a surprise, as I knew that the winter camp involved snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Knowing that helped me pack, but also helped me physically prepare for the camp. Other activities involved a lot of tromping around in the snow and a couple of fun filled field trips. The activities are all lead by the wonderful folks at Renaissance Adventure Guides (Master Chief and Scrat).

There were beautiful sunrises:

Ice crystals on the snow:

Fields of elk:

Frozen streams:

Snowshoeing trails that included some bear claw markings in the aspen grove:

Cross country skiing in Vail:

Crazy awards:

And some random frolicking in the snow that involved full sized rafts, driveways, and motorized equipment:


… and so much more, but I’m sworn to secrecy for some of it … so that others that attend can enjoy the surprises!

Last week, I was Wonder Women. Not sure who I am going to choose to be this week!

Epic Experience can take up to 12 campers. They accept any cancer survivors/thrivers who are physically able to attend the camp. The ranch is located at 9000 feet elevation, which does pose challenges, but is not insurmountable for a lot people. What is nice is that the camp is not age restricted, such that anyone who wants to can attend. Some people are afraid of the winter camps but I’d encourage anyone who is, to just do it! They have warm hats/mitts/gloves/pants etc for those who do not have their own. They provide a supportive environment to help you get out and explore fun winter activities, a warm cabin, and great company. In addition, they make great wholesome meals and adapt to the most challenging dietary restrictions (like my celiac disease). So if you are at all interested, I encourage you to apply. The week long camp is free for cancer survivors/thrivers. They have spaces available in all of their winter camps. Applications are available here.

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