Today I surprised myself

I’m up in Colorado at an Epic Experience winter camp. The activity today was cross country skiing (I’m not supposed to tell). One of the reasons I was so happy to be accepted to an Epic winter camp was that I had no idea if I could cross country ski. It was one of my favorite winter sports before cancer, but my surgeries and neuropathy are challenges. So I was truly delighted I was able to ski. Making it even more epic is that I skied a lot further than I ever expected to ski – usually the first ski of the season is short 3-4 km. Today I skied 8 km, and I’m feeling pretty good. I have a few muscles that will be sore tomorrow, but overall it was awesome. It was Epic!

  • Becky


  • Yah! Don’t over do but have fun. Love Mom

  • Congratulations! How’s your balance after all the chemo? Just switched from snow boots back to runners to break myself of “shuffling” around like a goofy old person. Striding like you have to do on skis might be the next phase. Oh, and core strength? Imagine all those muscles that keep us upright get lots of use skiing.
    Keep at it!

    • Hi Scott,
      I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could hop on the cross country skis and it all just came back to me. I’ve been doing it for many years before cancer, but I really didn’t know if I had the balance. I have a hard time standing on one foot, so I was afraid that would translate to a lack of balance on cross country skis. So, I’m so happy that it did not. I didn’t arrive home uninjured, but my injury was causes mostly by doing a wii dance competition on a hardwood floor without shoes on (mental note on that won) and running wildly to a base while playing kickball in a foot and a half of fresh snow!

  • Looks beautiful in Colorado!

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