Next steps in hormone therapy

Today I started with the aromatise inhibitor (AIs). It is the next step in hormone therapy. I’ve been doing ovarian suppression since October. I delayed the start of AIs in order to ensure that I was only introducing one new drug to my system at a time. I don’t like to change too many things at once, as it makes it difficult to see which drug is having which effect. And so, when I realized that I’d have a two week window of stability on my other meds, I figured this is a great time to start.

I warned my husband that I might get bitchy. It is one of the potential side effects. I’ve talk to some women who have had no side effects – so I’m crossing my fingers. There is some hope that since my body has had a little time to adjust to the ovarian suppression, that adding the AI will not be too much of a hit. My body so wants to have estrogen, but alas, so does the breast cancer. So today additional wellness pill is Anastrozole. I am writing today mostly so that I have a log of exactly when I started.

10 years is a long time to be on a medication … so 9 years and 364 days and counting (maybe I’ll add a count down clock to my blog) …

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  • Becky


  • I’m confused! Does Becky have breast cancer or someone else?

    • Hi Laurie, I’m a breast cancer survivor … You can read my entire story by clicking on the In The Beginning tab at the top of the page.

      • I had no idea and have followed you for eons! I just got diagnosed Nov 9th with Stage II triple negative IDC.

        • Laurie, I’m so sad to hear that. If you ever want to chat, email me …

  • In the AI club, since April ’14, Becky. Little side affects at this point but do watch your bone density readings, as if you haven’t already been told that. Cancer….. the gift that keeps on giving. Hey, we’re here, I just had an excellent annual physical, and you’re a rock star athlete after your recent snowy mts. adventures! Very impressive. All in all, a lot to be grateful for.

    • Hi Terri – ya my bone density is already low so I’ll also be doing a denosumab ( as well … it is unclear whether the low bone density is from the chemo or the undiagosed celiac disease. In either case, there is hope that the denosumab gets it under control.

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