Picturing a morning sail

This morning we headed off to San Francisco for a morning sail on USA 76 with ACSailingSF. We almost missed the boat, arriving just as they were about to cast off. Fortunately, we got there just in time, and they nicely sent someone up to fetch us at the gate.

Hopping on the boat, I was immediately happy. After a little bone pain yesterday, I wasn’t sure I’d have the energy to get out sailing – but rather than it tiring me, sailing refreshed me. It was nice and windy (at least at first) so we had an excellent, and thrilling up wind leg.

We brought the new GoPro, which I spent some time playing with. Unfortunately, most of my pictures involve either my fingers or the string tether in the corner of the camera. Since you cannot see what you are taking a picture of, I didn’t quite realize it. So, I’ve chosen a few pictures that turned out pretty well.

Scott resting after having been one of the grinders raising the main.

Under sail!


Playing with selfies on the Go Pro.


Some video of Scott grinding as we tack on the up wind leg.

I enjoyed some time right up at the front being reminded regularly with mist that we were on a body of salt water!

At one point I even took off my hat and buff to feel the wind on my bare skull and of course get a bald head picture 🙂


After our sail, we had lunch with some friends on Pier 39. Overall, a great way to spend a Sunday.

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