Picturing a walk

Yesterday we went for a 6km walk along the Guadeloupe trail which runs just behind our condo complex.

For the first part of the walk, I took the lower path hoping to get better pictures of the birds.

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Unfortunately, the grasses along the river grow so tall that I couldn’t actually see the river through the grass in most places. What I did notice was that sounds were more isolated, so I could hear the song birds a lot more. It was low tide, so the ‘river’ which is rather brackish at this point was mostly mud flats.

I did catch a glimpse of the egret who appears to be rather timid. As I got close, he decided to fly up into a tree.

While Scott and I were both on the lower path, he stayed up in the tree, posing for us.

We did manage to catch him a little later down in the water.

On the way back we walked along the upper path.

And thought this sign was particularly well designed.

The end 🙂


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