Days 8, 9, 10

I have a new found sense of energy that surprises me. Initially, I found that I got tired, but if I sat down for 5 minutes, I was recovered and ready to go again.

It is day 10 – Friday – and I should be near my nadir (lowest point in blood counts). And yet today, I walked Cali on the beach, driving both directions. I did 20 minutes of VR boxing, and I did an hour of drywall repair (going between units skimming the drywall on the tops of the bathtubs.

In addition, I’ve been doing a bunch of cleaning and organizing inside my kitchen. My house is starting to get less cluttered which is nice.

I do notice that at this time I am sleeping longer. I haven’t been napping during the day, but when I fall asleep I often stay asleep for 10-12 hours. Perhaps that is where I’m getting my energy – from the longer duration of sleep.

I’m just so glad that this cycle is going to much better than last cycle. My nose isn’t really running anymore. I did have to put some vaseline in each nostril to keep them moist. Interestingly that seems to also keep them from dripping all the time. I suspect the dripping was the body trying to put in moisture, and without nose hairs, it just drips out. My nostrils are now significantly healthy than they were at this time last cycle.

I do notice the beginning hints of tongue sores. So far it hasn’t affected my ability to eat anything. I do a special rinse after meals and I use a biotin mouthwash after brushing which adds moisture to prevent dry mouth, which seems to keep the sores at bay.

I don’t want to jinx it, but this is to nearly as bad as AC chemo, and not nearly as bad as my first chemo cycle. If the next two are anything like this, I know I can get through it. But now it is getting late (10pm) and my bed is calling.

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