My meds are making me sick … #celiac

I’m looking for some help in understanding how laws work in the US (sorry I’m a Canadian living in the US). I am so frustrated and annoyed. I’m frustrated at the lack of disclosure of gluten in drugs, and I’m annoyed that I didn’t do my due diligence and check for myself before taking medication from an unfamiliar manufacturer.

I want to better understand how to follow a bill/act that is trying to get made into law. Specifically, I want to know what is happening with the Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act.

I am feeling seriously crappy after taking blood pressure medication for the last week. It was a refill, so it was a change in manufacturer of the generic that got me into trouble. I have been getting sicker and sicker – and so I finally got around to calling the manufacturer. Their voice message was “we do not disclose the ingredients in any of our products” Period. So they are officially on the black list – avoid anything manufactured by Roxane Laboratories period! Since this was the one significant change my diet over the last week, I’m pretty darn certain it is the cause of my problems. Ugg.

And so now I’m stuck. It is the weekend and I cannot figure out what I should be doing regarding my blood pressure medications. Fortunately I have a few pills left from the older prescription (lower dose, different manufacturer). I cannot 100% confirm that the other pills are gluten free, but I can say that the type of sick I am now (stomach sick) didn’t happen with the other manufacturer. I won’t name them here because I haven’t called them yet.

Monday the pharmacist is going to try and figure out if there is a generic or even brand name of the medication that is gluten free. If so, then I’ll get that. If not, it’s back to the cardiologist for a different med.

Just got this updated link: Not liking the note about 0% chance of it being enacted 🙁

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