A little too enthusiastic

So on the Thursday at Epic Experience I was perhaps a little too enthusiastic. Then on the last day, I figured I could run (more like sprint) in the deep snow with my snow boots on. That didn’t work out so well.

I was in enough pain that one of the staff brought me back to the chalet in a raft (they used it like a toboggan). At lunch I decided that the pain was bad enough that I needed to go into town to have it checked out at emergency. So, alas, another one of the staff brought me down to the Vail emergency room. I was seen pretty quickly. They took an x-ray of my foot. Confirmed that nothing was broken, and gave me just enough pain killers to get me home.

I went to see the podiatrist on Monday. After checking the x-ray, hearing my story, and a quick exam, he diagnosed a torn Plantar Fascia. He said that the snapping was probably a release and that was a good thing as it meant that surgery would not be needed. Instead he gave me a walking cast to wear during the day for three weeks. I couldn’t wear the cast that day as it just increased the pain. I’m to ice three times per day.

Today I was able to wear the cast, which made my mobility slightly better. Then my Evenup Shoe Lift arrived. When added to my other running shoe, it makes my feet much closer to level. I was surprised at how much less pain there is walking with the Evenup Lift. I’m walking almost completely pain free (with cast and lift). Yay.

Do I regret my enthusiasm? Not one bit. It was totally worth it! I had a great time and pushed myself. My Wonder Women attitude meant that I surprised myself with how much I could do. I needed the opportunity to push myself.


Being unable to exercise or really do much outside of the house these last few days has meant that I’ve gotten a lot of work done. I’ve done a lot of writing. And the classes I’m teaching in February are much closer to ready to launch.

Hopefully I’ll heal quickly. In theory, the cast will be off in three weeks. Fortunately I don’t need to sleep in it, nor do I need to wear it in the shower. I’m very happy that we still have my shower chair from my surgery – it has made it much easier to shower.


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  • Feeling your pain. I’ve torn both of mine (which greatly relieved my heel spurs). They heal up pretty quick. You just have to watch stretching too soon. I was able to do the stationary bike pretty quick to avoid going insane.

    Good luck.

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