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As many of you know, I’m an avid cyclist. Cycling has been one of the things that kept me sane though AC chemo. It is also one of the things I’ve struggled with on Taxol. One of the unfortunately side effects of Taxol is cognitive disassociation – where my brain cannot process visual queues as fast as it normally does. This has meant that I’ve had to stop driving. Until last cycle I was able to drive a couple of days a week. Now I’m not comfortable driving at all. In addition to not driving, I’ve also been challenged with biking. The biggest concern is that my balance isn’t what it used to be. So in addition to not processing the visual cues, I’m also not as solidly balanced on my bike. So – regretfully, I’ve come to a point where I could no longer ride any of my bikes.

Fortunately, there is the internet … and I’m connected to various communities. I posted a plea on a Facebook recumbent riders group but also on the forums at One of the folks at ‘bent rider online came to my rescue (thanks Dave!). This afternoon, Dave dropped off his Trident Tadpole Trike for me to borrow while I’m on chemo and recovering from surgery (when I cannot put any weight on my arms). Tonight I got a chance to take it out for spin! It was a hoot to ride – I’m so happy to be back on a bike again. Unfortunately, the front wheels are slightly too far apart, such that it doesn’t easily fit through the front door. This means that I can only ride when Scott is home to bring the bike in and out for me (I’m not currently strong enough to lift it, although that will change once I stop chemo and regain some of my strength). For now, I’m just happy to be able to get out and ride a few days a week (whenever I can convince Scott to come home early enough from work to sneak in a ride before dark!).

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  • Becky


  • Way to go! Can you lock it to the post in your garage next to the car? Put a tarp over it, and chain it up. If they allow smart cars down there, they should allow smart trikes. Ya right!

  • Awesome!

  • Zoom, Zoom !! I forgot to tell you, you CAN tip a trike over. Practice leaning into turns.

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