Early morning walks

One advantage to being wide awake at 5am is the ability to go out for a walk before the sun rises. Early morning walks mean I don’t need to cover my head or arms – I can walk and enjoy the feel of the light breeze against my skin.

This morning, I walked with Scott along my favourite part of the Guadeloupe trail, which runs right behind our apartment. About 1.5 km from our apartment, there is a pair of lovely white birds (some kind of crane, I believe they are egrets). They must be nesting in the area, as I’ve seen them almost every time I ride or walk along the path. I like to walk or ride to visit ‘my birds’ in the morning. There is also another large bird that we were not able to identify – perhaps a great blue heron.  It’s colours are such that it would be very difficult to get a picture, as it almost blends into the background. I’ve seen it fly along the river on one of my bike rides. This morning, it was nice to share the experience with Scott (I’m usually biking or walking alone).Photo Jul 27, 6 54 24 AM

With the overcast sky and cool breeze I found myself enjoying the wind on my arms. I’d hold my arms up in the air, reminding me of cormorants by the sea holding out their wings to warm them up after a deep dive.  At that hour, we had the path mostly to ourselves. There were a few joggers that passed us, smiling, or nodding. No one seem to notice (or care) that I was lacking hair!

Photo Jul 27, 6 54 40 AM


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