Cumulative effects

Yesterday, I was reminded of the cumulative effects of chemotherapy. I was remembering day four from last cycle, and thought that I would just bounce back after day three – unfortunately, the bouncing back didn’t happened quite as much as I’d hoped. I actually ended up overdoing it a bit yesterday (oops).

I now have on my list of things to remember – when going out for more than an hour to bring along snacks. I had not eaten enough during the day (nausea – ugh). Although I ate just before leaving for support group, it was not enough to sustain me for three hours, so I ended up tired and a little fuzzy for part of my drive home. Thankfully, I had to stop at Whole Foods, so I pick up a snack there that re-energized me enough to get home. But still, it was a little scary to be driving when I wasn’t completely with it (I almost called Scott to bike out and pick me up).

Part of the issue with yesterday was also the heat. It was a hot day, and even a little on the humid side – nothing like in Ottawa but humid for here – and we didn’t have the AC on. I ended up getting a little too warm, such that in the evening my temperature went up to 37.4 (not high enough to worry, but enough that I couldn’t take Tylenol in case it was a problem, and certainly the highest it has been since I’ve been on chemo). So, today, we are managing things a little different. I am now the controller of the AC in the apartment – Scott tolerates the heat better than I do, but especially now, I need to take more control of the environment so that I’m comfortable. So far, I’m feeling a lot better this morning. We had a great walk along the river, and I’ve done a lot of writing – including some work on my surveys for my PhD study!


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