41 – 50 of 75: New beaches and more

Sorry, I’m behind and writing blogs. I’m also a little behind on my hikes. I had not anticipated the competition that paddleboarding and water sports would have on my desire to hike during the summer.

  1. Cherry Hill Beach (July 21)
  2. Cape Sable Island Beach (July 26)
  3. Ellenwood Provincial Park (July 27)
  4. Cape Sable Island Beach (July 28)
  5. Crescent Beach (July 30)
  6. Cherry Hill Beach (Aug 1)
  7. Crescent Beach (Aug 8)
  8. Crescent Beach (Aug 12)
  9. Mowing the lawn (Aug 14)
  10. Indian Path Common (Aug 15)

Given where I’m at now, I’m going to have to extend this challenge into the month of September. This is OK because we have postponed a vacation until then and I typically get a lot more hiking in while on vacation.

  • Becky

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