25 – 27: Cherry Hill and the Cemetery

25: Cherry Hill Beach on Saturday with a friend from Ottawa who was visiting. The tides were a little high, so we ended up climbing over rocks to get to the end of the beach.

26: Cherry Hill Beach on Sunday with my regular walking friend. This time the tides were a little more favourable, which meant we could walk the full length of the beach without having to walk on the rocks. Interestly, my tracker measured a full 1/2 km less on this walk. With the lower water we had a shorter distance to walk!

Cherry Hill Beach – Saturday and Sunday – what a difference tides make!

27: The Cemetery. I’d hear there were a lot of nice paths for walking around the cemetery in Bridgewater. When we drove by the other day, after our Cherry Hill walk, we noticed how amazing the rhododendrons looked. That got us thinking that we should try a walk around the cemetery. Since the weather was threatening – we managed to get out for an hour, explore the cemetery, and get home before the sky released a wall of rain. We even saw some turtles in the pond.

Three turtles vying for space on a log.
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