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20: A walk at Beach Meadows Beach on Tuesday May 31.

21: Mowing the lawn. I’m not sure if this is a cheat or not, but I did put on my tracker while I was pushing the lawn more back and forth and clocked more than 3km while mowing! Friday June 3

22: Rissers Beach. We are camping so this was a lovely after dinner walk in the fog at low tide. I was worried that it would be too busy, but it being a school night while the kids are still in school meant that the part is not too busy. We managed a walk on the beach with only running into one other group of people – it might have been because it was foggy!

23: Rissers Beach and Atlantic Breezes. We found a new trail that started out from the group campsite at Rissers. It was well established so we followed it thinking that it might bring out back to the campsite. It didn’t. After climbing some stairs we discovered the trail was part of a 1.9km system of well maintained trails that are part of the development – Atlantic Breezes.

At the end of the hike we decided to check out the canteen at the park. It turned out to be a food truck with fresh fish and chips. Initially they couldn’t do gluten free, but then she realized she could pan fry me a piece of fish. I couldn’t eat the fries as the oil was cross contaminated, but they also had some plain lays potato chips – so I fish and chips, just a different kind of chips! The fish was very fresh and amazing.

We snuck in an additional walk at low tide during sunset. It was stunning. The pictures don’t really capture the waves and how they seem to glow in the fading light.

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  • Looks like a great hike. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

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