9 of 75 – Cherry Hill Beach

Cherry Hill is perhaps one of my favorite places to walk Cali. I get a good walk on the beach, and Cali gets to run after the ball. We are both in heaven.

Cherry Hill is a bit of a weird beach. It isn’t a bit at high tide. And, as we discovered again today, if the wind is going the wrong direction, then it isn’t much of a beach at low tide either. Today it was really windy. There were several surfers out enjoying the waves. The shorter beach meant that we had to do two “laps” of the beach in order to get to 3km.

It was also hot in town today – as much as 29 degrees! It was our first really warm day. The beach, on the other hand, was 14 degrees. I almost didn’t bring enough clothing. The weather guy on the news said that the wind would be from a direction that the coast would be warm – that clearly wasn’t the case at Cherry Hill, where we had a pretty strong on-shore wind – which interestly, a little inland was no wind at all. The microclimates around here an be rather fascinating.

If you look closely, you can see a surfer in the far distance (straight up from Cali’s tail).
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