5 of 75 – Rissers Beach

Rissers Beach used to be one of my default places to walk. It is one of the closests beaches. However, it isn’t the best for dog walking – or more to the point – it isn’t the best place for me to allow Cali off leash to run after the ball.

As I walked through the park today, I explored both the campground and the beach. I was reminded of just how pretty Rissers it. It makes me understand why it is such a popular beach in the summer. When the Provincial Park is open, it is almost impossible to get a campsite. It is definitely a favourite for people who like to go to one place and stay there for a couple of weeks – which is, in part, why it is hard to get a campsite there. We did manage a mid-week site in June. We are looking forward to seeing what it is like when people are camping there.

For now, I will enjoy the park during the off season, when there are no tourists and mostly the people hanging out at the beach or walking their dogs are local.

Walking Trail from the campsite to the beach
The trail right above the beach. It reminds me of a trail by the beach in California, except this one doesn’t have a cliff between you and the beach.
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