11-14 Various walks

I’m getting behind on blogging my walks. The first three here were done with my Aunt who was here to visit with us. It was lovely getting chance to walk with her again – we did the Avon Walk together back in 2015.

None of these walks are to new places. They are all repeats of walks done in the first part of the month.

May 17 – Beach Meadows

May 18 – Cherry Hill / Rissers

May 19 – Indian Path Common – Blue path.

May 23 – The Duck Pond and around

Tomorrow I hope to get out to Indian Path Common again to do the pink path. I’ve done the yellow, and the blue twice, so once I do the pink trail I will have completed the trails there.

Beach Meadows
Beach Meadows – it was windier than usual and the tide was higher than when we normally go.
Beach Meadows – in addition to the fog, the waves were roaring in.
Cherry Hill – if you look closely, you can see a surfer in the water. The tide was too high such that there wasn’t much beach to walk on.
Rissers Beach – the fun rocks on the beach at Rissers.
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