Mixed emotions

I am at a total loss on how to feel right now. I am overjoyed to be in Nova Scotia. Our house in California closed escrow on Friday, which means it is sold. The new people have started moving in.

We left so quickly we didn’t get much of a chance to say goodbye. The fires are devastating. Many of the special places I would go hiking have been destroyed. It is like we left just in time. If we had stayed a couple more weeks we would have been in the middle of the fires, trying to escape.

I am worried for my friends who do not have a choice. We are Canadian, so a move back to Canada was always an option. It is not an option for my friends.

Things are moving along well here. I have an oncology appointment on Sept 8 with my new oncologist. This means there is a high likelihood that I will be able to get a lupron shot on Sept 11. That is one stressor that is gone.

We have friends in Nova Scotia and will be going from one place to another until we figure out where we can live. Housing here is a little more complicated than we anticipated. The housing market is just as bad as the Bay Area with things going for more than they are listed.

So I don’t know how to feel. I am so very privileged to be here right now. I am sad at the loss of so many great hiking trails. I hope that all my friends in the Bay Area stay safe. Sending you all great big hugs.

I’ll end this post with some photos – what is left of some of the amazing places I hiked and camped.

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve
Tent cabin at Big Basin State Park
Scott and Judy demonstrating just how big the tree is. This was taken just outside of the visitor centre. The visitor center is gone, but many of the trees survived – this isn’t the first fire they have seen in their 2000+ year lives.
View of Mount Hamilton from Joseph D Grant County Park. This was taken in the winter/spring so things are green. The hills turn golden in the summer.
Some of the trees filled with “old man’s beard” moss at Joseph D. Grant County Park.
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