Does it feel real yet?

Things haven’t really felt real since this pandemic hit us back in March. At the time we decided to shelter in place. It was the plan that made the most sense.

Fast forward three months and we are now planning our move. Our house is full of boxes. We have two small shipping containers in our driveway, slowing filling up as stuff leaves the house. We are planning to have it ready for showings by Monday – something our real estate agend didn’t think we could do. Maybe we can’t, we will see.

There is now a sign on our front yard. Our place is officially for sale. It won’t be in MLS until they take the pictures, which implies the place is ready for staging.

We have a plan to depart on or about August 1st. Once the car and shipping containers leave, we will be ready to drive away in our van.

Logistics are challenging in this ever changing world. When we get to Maine we will need to quarantine until we get our Covid test results. We can test there or maybe in New York – either way, once we have a negative test result (or 14 days passes) we can collect our stuff and cross over into Canada, where we will quarantine again for 14-days.

It doesn’t feel real yet. I’m working my way through the freezer here – trying not to buy any food stuff that we don’t need.

It is interesting to learn about what food stuffs we can take across the border. With Covid, we have a lot more dried goods at home then we used to. Fortunately, most of this can easily be taken with us. There we two specific things that we need to check for – potatoes and dairy products. It seems that those are the two things with restrictions. Everything else the volume restrictions are way more than we would carry anyways, so we don’t need to worry about them.

This weekend our focus is on packing up a bunch of stuff in order to get the house ready for the videos for the MLS listing and also so that it can be open for showing.

Even with a house full of boxes it doesn’t feel real. I wonder if it will feel real when we are living in our van driving across the continent!

  • Becky

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