Kind of like Halloween for an adult with celiac disease

Yesterday I went to the Nourish Festival. It had been a few years since I last went to a gluten-free expo. I did find this one to be a little smaller than the previous one, but that might have been because the first one I went to everything was so new to me, where this one I was familiar with a bunch of the brands.

When I got home, I found myself going three three “loot” bags of samples that I had collected at the festival. I felt like a kid a Halloween, sorting through my samples of different gluten free granolas, snacks, pastas and such.

What I like about the festival was that I go to try samples of a bunch of different things. I was sad that Against the Grain Gourmet wasn’t there – they make my favourite pizza and I love the cookbook. Unfortunately, their booth was empty 🙁

My biggest “find” was a decent ramen – Yamachan Ramen, Ramen Z! I had been hankering for ramen for the last month or so, but gluten free ramen is difficult to find – like filo pastry – I have yet to find a gluten free filo, so if you find one, please let me know – anyhow, I did find a great ramen so bought a few of them. I notice that it is made from soy milk and konnyaku – so I won’t be eating them too frequently, however, for the occasional meal they are darn good gluten free ramen.

Do you have any gluten free favourites?

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