Mountain Biking and Wilder Ranch

Yesterday we rented mountain bikes and went for our second ride – having doing a “tour” a couple weeks ago that involved a few small lessons. The lessons came in handy. This time my rented bike had a smaller frame which fit a lot better. I didn’t end up with nearly as many bruises 🙂

We both learned that we need more practice in climbing. The uphills killed us, but we had a lot of fun going down.

Here is the selfie we too before deciding to turn around and head back down, after over an hour of climbing we were finished with the hard part!

Once we got back down to bottom, we decided to try an easier ride out to the bluffs, where we walked to back on August 31, 2014. Just over 4 years ago. I remember the hike taking a lot of energy and me moving very slowly back then.

I had forgotten about the beach full of pelicans that is on the way to the bluff.

When we got to bluff this time, we had to take a couple of selfies back at the same place. As you can see, I’m a lot happier in the photo (actually, it looks like Scott is the one that clearly having more fun this time!)

As you can see by the map, we have a lot more of Wilder Ranch to explore. Our highest elevation was 174m (although there were a few downs involved so we climbed more than that).

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