The freezing surf

This weekend I had the opportunity to learn a little about surfing. I first learned about the Send It Foundation from the Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) resource website. Sent It provides opportunities for young cancer survivors to get out in nature and do something – this weekend that something is surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.

I was worried a bit because I’m a little older that most of their regular campers. Actually, this weekend I was the oldest one there. But I could not turn down the opportunity to learn how to surf. I have always wanted to try it.

The weather was beautiful but man that water was cold! Even the surf instructors said that the water was exceptionally cold. It has been windy the say before, so it stirred up the water from deeper in the ocean, dropping it by a few degrees. Someone said it was 50 Deg F (10 deg C). All I know is that it felt like ice on my hands. Luckily, our lead surf instructor decided that in addition to wetsuits, we should also have booties. They made a huge difference. I tried going out on Sunday without booties and could get in very far. My feet felt a “brain freeze” type sensation. Did I mention, the water was COLD.

Overall, I had a hoot. In addition to learning a little about surfing, and riding a few waves on my stomach (I don’t have the mobility to stand on a surf board – at least not yet), I also got a chance for a little standup paddle boarding and kayaking. I really wanted to try out kayaking as it is something we used to do all the time. It was nice to validate that I could do it – although on Sunday my pecks were screaming at me.

On Sunday morning my body was starting to hurt (in a good way). By the afternoon, I was finding every opportunity I could to stretch out my shoulders.

I had a lot of fun this weekend – Thank you Send It Foundation, and especially Katie and Caroline, for giving me the opportunity to learn what it means to Send It!

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