New hair day

I’m a little obsessed with my hair. Not in a need to be a fashionista kinda of way, just in a way in which my hair fell out, and the way in which it is recovering from the effects of chemotherapy.

Yesterday I got my first hair style in years (too many really). Even before cancer, I had pretty consistent hair style for about 3 years, and then with cancer I lost all my hair. So, it is a bit of a milestone to get a new haircut that wasn’t about trimming off the post-chemo frizz.

I have to say I’m really happy with the way it turned out. The stylist actually listened to me when I told him “I’m a wash and wear kind of gal”. I don’t even own a blow dryer or hair iron of any sort. So to have something that looks decent and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance is awesome.

I’m also not someone who typically wears make up. I never have been. But I noticed in all the video conferencing that I do that I don’t like how my face looks. I realized that something was not quite right. My eyebrows didn’t really recover from the chemo loss. I have eyebrows but not thick ones. This means that when I sweat, it drips into my eyes – which is exceedingly frustrating, but I also realized that in head shots, not having eyebrows makes my face look round and chubby. It took me quite a while to realize it was the lack of eyebrows that made me feel like I didn’t look right. And so, with that realization, I bought an eyebrow pencil/brush thing. I’ve started to fill in my eyebrows when I know I’m going to be online or going out to visit people (although not for hiking, as then I’d just get eyebrow make up in my eyes!

I find this new obsession with hair to be interesting. It isn’t just hair on my head, rather hair all over my body. When my arm hairs grew back they came up in every which direction. My original arm hair grew all one way. It felt tamed. Although no one other than me sees my arm hair (unless I show them), it still is something that is different. In some ways it is fascinating, in others it is just odd.

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  • Thank you for sharing your personal experience. My hair grew back snow white and curly. Everyone said, ooh..that looks really cool, chic. But the white was just not me. Now I’ve found a hair color that is closer to my personality and my hair is now curly. So new learning curve on how to style this. Funny in the 80’s I permed my long locks to get the curls I now have. The eyebrow thing is right on target, my are thinner but still nicely shaped. I’m getting pretty good at wielding the eyebrow brush and wish I would have learned about it soon, I do think it makes a huge difference and gives a youthful appearance if done right. We are always learning..don’t give up, you deserve some primping!

  • You may want to consider an eyebrow tattoo. Sounds crazy, but after you get it done it is worth it! Fills stuff in and cuts out maintenance and I am queen of maintenance free!

  • I would wait on your eyebrows. Mine eventually returned (but I never tweeze them), just a little lighter than they used to be. Before chemo, I had long hair and never got a cut because I was too lazy to go to a salon. After chemo, I have a short hair cut (a wash and wear style) and get my nails done every month. Once you lose them, you realize how important they are.

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