Virtually Connecting + ePatients #vcept

As some of you know one of the things I do is called Virtually Connecting. It started out as a fun thing to do with a friend and has since blossomed into a movement that has introduced me to many amazing people who I know consider close friends. So far VC has mostly focused on conversations occurring with people at Educational Technology conferences. Myself and one of my new VC friends, Susan Adams, are trying to figure out how we can bring the Virtually Connecting idea/platform into the ePatient space. Our first step will be a conversation taking place Wednesday morning. Aligning with the Virtually Connecting process, the session will be live streamed and recorded on YouTube. The launch session, which is “just a conversation” is open to anyone (we have 10 spots in the hangout, there are a few left). If you are interested, for more information please see

Feature image by Mike Russell used under CC license. 

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