An unexpected trip to Vegas #celiac

We had not planned on spending a day and night in Las Vegas – but we ended up there. The alternator in our rental RV decided it didn’t want to work anymore. We managed to get to Pahrump Navada to get the problem diagnosed (a warning light went on just as we were leaving Death Valley). Fortunately, I had the foresight to suggest that we get it fixed in Las Vegas, that way we could make the most of our unexpected detour and spend the day exploring Vegas. I later learned that the thing Pahrump is most famous for is legalized prostitution. So I was very glad that we didn’t spend any more time there then we needed to!

One of the challenges with being without the RV is that I’m not yet that good at figuring out how to eat out Gluten-free. I really didn’t want to get sick! Fortunately, a quick Google Search gave me the link to Gluten Free Las Vegas – a great website with a list of recommended restaurants. I even got to eat at a couple of restaurants who’s owners were on Top Chef Masters (Spago by Wolfgang Puck & Border Grill). The foodie in me was a little underwhelmed by our meals. We found them to generally be overpriced and mediocre. However, I’m very happy to report that I did not get sick. In each of our three meals (buffet lunch, nice dinner, and then nice lunch the next day), we ate way too much. We both were glad to hear the that the RV was fixed, so that we could get back on the road.


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