Would a female doctor have written the same prescription?

The lymphedema doctor said that I needed to wear a level 2 compression garment on my left arm and hand until the swelling goes away – anytime that I’m awake. This could be 6-12 months or never. In addition, I need to wear level 1 compression on my right prophylactically when I: fly, am over 4000 feet, and when I exercise. Somehow, the original prescription for sleeves missed that I need to have one to wear while I was washing the other – especially after exercise.

He also prescribed a specific brand – Juzo. I’m not sure why that brand over any of the others. They mostly do medical grade flesh colored garments – which is what insurance pays (at least part of). What insurance doesn’t cover is nice pretty garments. The doctor didn’t say anything directly bad about the pretty colored ones, he just questioned whether or not they provided truly medical grade compression.

I find myself wondering, if the lymphedema doctor was female, would she be more in favor of the pretty colored garments? Would a female doctor better appreciate the desire to look “pretty” even while wearing a medical sleeve?

I surprise myself at my desire for vanity here. I rarely dress up. I am most often seen wearing yoga pants or hiking shorts – so why do I feel the need to have a pretty sleeve?

I also wonder if having a pretty sleeve increases compliance? I think for me it will. I’m more likely to wear something that I think is fun and pretty, then something that is dull and makes me look like I have something wrong with me … but that’s just me.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

  • Becky


  • I get it.
    I also totally get how it is interesting about you – i noticed the sleeves at dlrn and they are soooo pretty….and i noticed you don’t usually dress up too much, but maybe that’s why you don’t want some ugly sleeve…if that makes sense? I don’t think it’s too vain. As you said, it could increase compliance if u feel good about urself while wearing it

  • Be creative. Go to a fabric shop and ask for some dye or paint that will not affect the integrity of the sleeve and do your own thing. It’s like if you had to have a cast and you get people to sign it for you. Just a thought. Have fun with it.

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