Today I wanted to share these posts about food from a dying cancer patient

Today, I want to share with you two very well written and informative blog posts by Ann at Breast Cancer? But Doctor …. I hate pink!

In the first post Ann eloquently talks about the challenge of eating while experiencing what she informs us is known as cancer anorexia cachexia. As someone who is going through the end-stages of terminal cancer, Ann generously shares with us her experiences. She describes what it feels like to be that person who no longer has any desire for food. She explains about how it is different from not having an appetite.

As someone who loves food, I cannot imagine being in that position. I cannot imagine what it would feel like to no longer have any desire to eat. I cannot imagine what that feels like, but Ann does a good job helping me understand what she is experiencing.

In her second post, she provides useful tips for caregivers. Even more important than understanding her experience, giving loved ones the tools to know how to help is immensely valuable. The job of the caregiver is never easy – so having a sense of real concrete things that one can do to help really matters.

So, thank-you Ann for sharing your experience. Your blog posts have touched me.

  • Becky

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