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I recently completed an application that asked me what is one thing that I’ve wanted to do (bucket list item) that I haven’t done yet, and why haven’t I done it?

The one thing on my bucket list is to visit the Galapagos. Now that we live in California, we are a little closer (but not really). I found myself wondering why haven’t I done it?

There are three reasons: (1) time, (2) health, and (3) cost.

I seem to find myself getting busier and busier. This is a good thing. It means that my health is improving. With improved health, I’m taking on more things. I’m teaching, I’m going back to school, and I may even be doing a little contract work. This is good.

I can no longer use health as an excuse. As time goes by, I’m getting stronger. Sure I have new health issues that throw a wrench into things, but I am also getting healthier and I’m learning to deal with the issues that I have. I need to stop using this as an excuse.

Finally, cost. This is something we can definitely manage. Especially now that I’m doing more work. I’m now contributing to our household income (although not in huge amounts, still it isn’t nothing).

One thing that I can do that helps address these barriers is to plan a special bucket list trip. Since I know that I’m not the only one who wants to go to the Galapagos, if I can get a group of 12 or so people together, we can create a tailored trip. One that does the things we want, but is also less expensive than going on a pre-arranged tour.

The other complexity of a pre-arranged tour is food. I now need to know that food included in the tour can be strict gluten free – no point in going on a bucket list trip and spending the entire time feeling crappy because the food is making me sick. This is actually one of my biggest stress issues when I do anything that I am not organizing myself.

My ideal trip would involve snorkelling every morning and hiking most afternoons – although I would be OK with switching it up and hiking in the morning and snorkelling in the afternoon. Either way, I would love to spend my days doing mostly those two activities, with perhaps the occasional afternoon kayaking or standup paddle boarding (not sure how well I can do either of those activities, but I’m open to giving them a try).

And so with that, I will start to plan my Galapagos bucket list trip. If you are seriously interested in joining, please email me. The cost would be something like airfare plus $2000-$4000 per person – I’m judging that based upon the cost of other tours. We would be looking at a customize trip, for about 12 people (allows us to book the entire boat). I’m thinking a week, probably in November 2016.


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  • I’m not sure if this is still possible, but back in 1984 I spent a glorious week in the Galapagos with 11 other people (we were 8 tourists and 4 crew [captain, cook, naturalist, translator] altogether) on a 40-foot fishing boat: very economical and no-frills. Some food came from shore, but most of it was fresh caught as we motored among the islands — so you may be able to work something out directly with the cook. These days my info may be woefully out of date, but please feel free to pick my brains. The Galapagos had been my dream trip ever since I was a kid, and I was thrilled to be able to go! Keeping my fingers crossed that you can get a group together.

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