Giving blood … one small vial at a time

During the Medicine X conference, the twitter stream lit up with calls to give blood. This is always a bit of a frustrating feeling – knowing you want to give blood, but also knowing that you are not able to.

But what I can do, and I am doing today, is to give a couple small vials of my blood for scientific research. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Army of Women looking for breast cancer survivors in my area to donate blood for a cancer study. Interestingly, this study was funded by Avon – so those of you who donated to support my Avon walk, this study is one of the studies your donations went to fund. The details of the study itself don’t really matter to me. What I know is that someone researching breast cancer can use my blood to help further knowledge about this horrible disease. That is one small way I can help further research. It was easy to decide to do.

So, if I cannot give blood to help someone in need, I can do my part by giving blood to support research.

How about you?

  • Becky


  • I never asked and I’ve read conflicting info on the Internet, but are we not allowed to give blood anymore. If not, could we still give it to our family in an emergency?

    • I’m not sure what the official line is, but you need to be cancer free and post-treatment a specific amount of time before you can give blood. I’ve been told I cannot because of antibodies.

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