Struggling to exercise

I’m struggling to overcome inertia and get back into exercising. I find it easy to make excuses – or to delay just getting out there – or feel that I don’t have enough time to go for a bike ride. In some ways it was easier during chemo. There were no expectations on my time. The entire focus of my day was to exercise. If I managed anything else, that was a bonus.

So now I’m struggling. I’m trying to do a bunch of stuff. I’m trying to find a balance. And my days are still quite full of doctors appointments – which turns into yet one more excuse to not get out and exercise.

And so, I’ve decided to re-instate my “What’s your Exercise today” Facebook support group. I will ask the exercise question three days per week (Monday – Wednesday, Thursday/Friday, and Saturday/Sunday). My goal is to have at least two different types of exercise in each timeframe. Since I currently bike, swim, walk/hike, go to the gym – I have options. I just need to push myself to get out and do them.

So, now that I’ve delayed yet again, I’m going to change and hop on my bike!

If you are interested in joining Becky’s Exercise challenge, you can sign up on Facebook here –

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  • This looks like a good idea. I try and walk the dog every morning and this might get me to fix my bike. Got some advice on bikes in the snow we have here November to May and the suggestion is a BMX. Having crashed the mountain bike a few times on the ice on the Island, a smaller bike makes it less likely to get tangled in the frame.

  • Sounds to me like a great excuse to get a fat tire bike … They look like a lot of fun for winter riding!

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