When I swim now …

When I swim now, I am reminded about a conversation I had at lunch last week. Once a month I go out to lunch with an ever changing group of women who are typically in the post-treatment phase of breast cancer.

One of the conversation over lunch involved me mentioning that I went swimming for the first time since surgery. One of the women asked about swimsuits and prothesis. That added complication had not occurred to me – or at least it had not recently – I recall thinking about it but not worrying about it because I would be symmetrical regardless of whether or not I had reconstruction. Now, I am thankful for not having to worry about how I would manage prothesis in a swimsuit. Fortunately, there were other women at the table that could provide advice on where to go to buy a swimsuit that supports prothesis as well as where to get a prothesis that you can use in the pool.

So now, every time I step into the pool I am grateful that I do not need to worry about prosthetic breasts. I also, no longer, really care about how I look. I’m there, in the pool, swimming again, and it feels wonderful.

  • Becky

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