Bryan Adams and a Sleep Clinic

I’m laughing at the title of this post. The two things are completely unrelated, but I didn’t feel like writing two posts.

Saturday, we flew back from Vancouver, with just enough time to drop our stuff off at Scott’s office, grab dinner, then head to the Bryan Adams concert at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. I’m pleased to report that with the ADA (handicap) parking permit, we didn’t have to pay for parking. We were able to park in the VIP parking lot, and which also meant it was easy to leave after the concert. The experience was seamless enough that we are considering other concerts at Shoreline!

I was vary nervous when I bought the tickets. I didn’t not whether I’d be physically able to enjoy the concert. We decided to buy tickets in the “limited mobility” section. This isn’t a wheelchair section, but what it did mean was that we were at the top, near the back, but on and end. The view from my seat wasn’t the greatest, but I could easily step into the aisle to get a better view. Here is a picture taken during the sound check just before the show:
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The energy at the concert was not nearly the same energy I’ve come to expect at a Bryan Adams concert. It wasn’t Bryan Adams or the band, rather it was the audience. They just didn’t have the same level of energy and excitement that one would see at a Canadian show.

A few songs into the show, the ushers asked if we’d like to move a little closer. The easy answer was yes! So, they moved us down to some empty seats in about the 6th row, nice and center. What was especially nice with these new seats was that even when I was sitting, I still had an unobstructed view of Bryan Adams (this was a bit of a fluke – it was only because of how the people in front were staggered). Anyways, it was really nice to get a nice close view, and still be able to sit when I needed to.

I thought this was an amusing photo – If you look on the front of the stage you see Bryan Adams, and on the big screen behind (right above Bryan’s head) you can see me in my pink shirt and Scott in his orange jacket!

Now for the second part of this post. I’m writing from my room at the Stanford sleep clinic. Later, (shortly after writing this post), the technician will come back in and hook me up to a bunch of measuring devices. I’m then supposed to sleep “per normal” .. yah right.

I was told the room would be like sleeping in a 4-star hotel. I don’t think those who say that have experienced a 4-star hotel lately! I think it is closer to a 3-star. It is nice, none the less. I’m glad I brought my pillow as I don’t really like the ones they provided. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a shower, so I can shower here in the morning if I wish.

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This is both a screening and diagnostic study. What they will do is monitor, and if they discover significant sleep apnea, they will wake me up and put on a CPAP machine. I’ll be fitted for one before I go to sleep, just in case. They will then continue monitoring. It is expected that if they find anything significant, it will be known within the first 2-3 hours of sleeping. I’m kind of glad to know that they will diagnose it right away. If I don’t get woken up, then I’ll know that they didn’t find anything serious enough to warrant immediate treatment. We’ll see how it goes. Later, I’ll try and get a selfie of me with all the nodes hooked up!

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  • Ah i now realize i forgot to “follow up” on the Bryan Adams concert. Could it just be he is older and the audience is older and so less excited? Or less expressive of excitement? Or do u think its coz he is Canadian?

    Hope u had a good night. I just realized that i may need to check if i have sleep apnea (had probs before but forgot about em but it might relate slightly to my lack of sleep). I am curious why u were being tested for sleep apnea tho. Did I miss a blogpost with the history of this?

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