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One of the links that was shared with me after the #et4online conference was for Canvas – In looking into what was offered on the platform, I came across this course offered by the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine called Mini-Med School.

Last year, I had heard from a friend about a similar course offered at the University of Ottawa (in person and for a fee). It sounds rather interesting, but I wasn’t willing to pay for it – and I don’t really have the ability to attend a class in person. So when I saw that this was available for free – I signed up.

I’m in no way considering going back to school to study medicine. I am taking the course because I think it will help me understand my doctors better. I think it will help me communicate more effectively with them. I think it is a great stepping stone to being an Engaged Patient.

And so, starting June 8th, I’ll be listening in on the classes. I’ll be looking at the design of the course to see how effective it is, but what I’m most interested in is the course content itself. I’m particularly interested in Week 7 which covers Cancer Biology.

Anyone wanna join me? The course is FREE – sign up here –

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