My love-hate relationship with my hair

I have been completely fascinated with how my hair was growing. I also was completely attached to it – not wanting to do anything to it – but it was so darn unruly. Adding to the complication, my eyebrows are falling out again. I knew this was a possibility – as many have mentioned the second wave of hair loss specifically the eyelashes and eyebrows. My lashes seem fine for now, but the brows are noticeably thin such that I need to use a sweatband again (yes, your eyebrows do serve a purpose – to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes).

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So after my shower this afternoon I suggested to hubby that he should run the clippers through my hair. I don’t have enough new hair to justify the price of a professional haircut, but the ends were certainly more fuzz then hair. He didn’t wait for me to change my mind. He started with the longest setting (me cringing as hair fell into the bathtub), but then needed to go one shorter – so clipped it off with a number 7. It probably could go shorter yet, but I’m so attached to it I just can’t give that much up! It feels a lot thicker now and is much easier to manage. The number 7 didn’t take off all the fuzzy white bits, so the hair still looks grey, but is starting to be a little darker.

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