To tattoo or not to tattoo …

I never thought I’d be asking myself that question. I did a nipple sparing breast reconstruction, so I have all my own skin – and mostly the breast skin – but my areola’s have faded. Since they didn’t have a lot of colour to begin with, fading means that they are barely there. So, now I need to decided if I want tattoos to re-add some colour to the skin. I need to make this decision relatively quickly, as it affects how my plastic surgeon (PS) does the scar revision. She will do more or less cosmetic clean up depending on whether I plan to tattoo.

I also need to decide if I want to change the size of my new breast. The PS will use liposuction to do some  re-shaping of my breasts and abdomen to make the the shape more flowy and natural – that is, remove some of the bulges that occur as a result of the long scar across my abdomen. She (my PS) did such a remarkable job the first time, that these are all pretty minor – but enough to make clothes fitting a challenge – which is my challenge for this morning – finding something in my closet that is appropriate to wear to an academic conference!

In my limited time this week – it is a crazy week – I need to do some more research on liposuction – what it entails, and what the recovery is like. I also might go and buy some temporary nipple tattoos to see what I think of the whole idea. If you want to read more about them, see CoffeeMommy’s blog post on a package of self-confidence that came in the mail –

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  • I think the decision to have tattoos is a perfectly natural choice Rebecca. From a family that was very active in aquatics I know there were some women who didn’t have reconstruction who wore their scars as it was their right to do. My sense is though that this was a statement of difference that used up part of their consciousness that appeared to come from anger from having a rough history. A weight to carry and their choice. Your choice is yours. Not easy.

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