It’s just a stitch

“It’s just a stitch” –

That is officially my new saying. When I was first diagnosed, we could often be heard saying “It is what it is” – I reflected philosophically about it in this post:

Now, I have banned the expression “It is what it is” … unless you are telling me I have cancer again, I just don’t want to hear that phrase. Every time I hear it, I recall the second appointment with my oncologist as he outlined my treatment options. I can hear him saying “it is what it is”.

So now, when I’m starting a downward spiral of over-reaction, I shall use the phrase “It’s just a stitch” to remind myself that I’m over reacting. That it isn’t an “it is what it is” situation … it is simply “just a stitch”.

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  • When I heard your quote it’s just a stitch I thought you just had a nipple reconstruction. After my double mastectomy, I sometimes felt post traumatic stress and was overly worried about doctors appointment and procedures. I had been through a lot mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, lumpectomy, mammogram, mammogram, a metal pin put in, another lumpectomy, another lumpectomy, another mammogram, an mri, a visit to a radiologist, two second opinions and finally decided upon double mastectomy…… woo hoo……. I never had chemotherapy or radiation….. so sometimes I think…. what’s the big deal… but when it came to the nipple reconstruction and the nipple/aereola tattooing…. honestly….. “it was just a stitch” …… and a little bit of painting….. no pain…. just antibiotic cream and a band aid. I am trying to be gentle with myself. Six months later I chose to have an early colonoscopy….. good thing they found a precancerous polup….. all of the stress I put myself through… I am choosing to do yoga…. meditation….. and focusing on gratitude because otherwise I can make myself anxious on the drop of a hat. I thank you for your blog…thinking and processing this experience is lifelong and I thank you for your honestly and humanity.

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