Cancer language and the war metaphor

As much as I hate war … I must admit that the war metaphor for cancer is working for me right now.

There are many bloggers who talk about what is wrong with the war metaphor (fighting cancer, cancer as a battle, etc) – and in particular how that metaphor is problematic when someone doesn’t survive – or when they are diagnosed metastatic and “winning” is not achievable.  I get it – I get the problems with cancer and the war metaphor …

and yet …

it is so working for me in this moment. Over the last week and a half I have been dealing with horrible joint pain – joint pain that sometimes makes it difficult to get out of bed, get out of a chair, get on/off the toilet – joint pain that is leading to depression, as I am having difficulty seeing the light at the end of the tunnel right now (don’t worry, I am getting help) … never mind going for a walk – which is current the only method of exercise I’m allowed to do right now …

So, when I’m walking, struggling to put one step in front of the other, and my iPod shuffles to “The Warrior” by Scandal I am energized … I am reminded that I CAN DO THIS … because I AM A WARRIOR … I so need that right now … so for me, in this moment, the war metaphor is working!

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  • Many Native People up here have shirts and jackets proclaiming the practice the Warrior’s Way. It’s a disciplined way to reclaim their culture with dignity and not be defeated by their own pain. I’m changing clinics (hopefully) at the end of this week. The condition is THEY listen to my story or I leave 4 cycles short of completion and they can deal with my furious Cardiologist who recommended chemo before my next hear surgery. If conflict or war metaphors are appropriate to reclaiming ourselves, then so be it.

    A slow dance for you two: Joe Bonamassa with Beth Hart – I’ll Take Care of You

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